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Zellige: bibliography

These first 5 books are dedicated to Morocco. They show many examples of the use of zellige and mosaics in this country: fountains, mosques, palaces, riads, steam, etc... They reveal the multiple use of zellij in architecture in Morocco: pavements, paneling, arches, decorative panels, columns, bathrooms, ...

The following book treats the broader topic of ceramics and ceramic tiles in Islamic architecture. The 7th book shows the richness of geometric patterns in Islamic art. The last two books show the evolution of the use of ceramics in architecture in Europe: Moorish ceramics, Spanish and Portuguese azulejos, medieval pavement, Delft tiles, tiles of the Italian Renaissance, Art nouveau ceramics, etc.


Zelliges offer many examples of geometric patterns, very typical of Islamic art. The website Pattern in Islamic art shows countless pictures of patterns made with mosaic tiles, but also staff, wood, or marble... It also gives a selection of books and websites devoted to Islamic art in general.

  • zellige maroc
  • zellige marocain
  • céramique zellige
  • zellige artisanal
  • zellige du maroc
  • Moroccan Interiors
    by Lisa Lovatt-Smith
    Ed. Taschen, 1999

  • Arabesques.
    Decorative Art in Morocco
    by Jean-Marc Castera
    ACR Edition, 1996

  • Marrakech style.
    The magic of living in Morocco
    by Barbara and René Stoeltie
    Ed. Thames & Hudson, 2009

  • Morocco Modern
    World Design series
    by Herbert Ypma
    Ed. Thames & Hudson, 2010

  • Traditional Islamic craft in Moroccan architecture
    (2 volumes) by André Paccard
    Ed. Atelier 74, 1980

  • céramiques zellige
  • céramiques renaissance
  • céramiques zellige
  • ceramiques zellige
  • L'Art de la céramique dans l'architecture musulmane
    by Gérard Degeorge and Yves Porter
    Ed. Flammarion, 2001
    (in French)

  • Motifs géométriques : Ornements d'architecture
    by Gérard Robine
    Ed. Vial, 2010
    (in French)

  • Azulejos, Les Métamorphoses de l’azur
    Ed. Ars Latina
    Paris, 1994
    (in French and Spanish)

  • La Ruta de la Ceramica
    Ed. Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Azulejos
    Castellón, 2000
    (in Spanish)